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Silhouette Shape: MILLA

Posted in Release by Carissa Crimson on September 6, 2010


Includes Copy/Mod shape, fitted eyelashes, eyes, and complete styling card.

Available @ Silhouette


New Shape @ Silhouette

Posted in Release by Carissa Crimson on July 30, 2010

Meet Adrian, the newest shape from Silhouette


It can also be seen here on a special feature of the ATOMIC Audri skins.


New Shape Releases

Posted in Release by Carissa Crimson on July 10, 2010

Four new shapes are now available @ Silhouette. All shapes are mod/copy and  include eyes and lashes custom fitted to the shape for $600L

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Silhouette Shape Dorothy

Silhouette Shape Daniella

Silhouette Shape Mandy

Silhoutte Shape Lauren

Shortcake Collection Released! and Holiday Gift

Posted in Release by Carissa Crimson on December 22, 2009

The Shortcake Collection is now available in store. These shapes are my answer to the demand for smaller avatars. The same unique faces you can expect from Silhouette with bodies ranging from 5’3″ to 5’7″ in height. Each packaged includes  a mod/copy shape, full styling card, fitted lashes, and eyes.


Bloggers interested in reviewing the collection should comment on this post with a link to your blog.

SIlhouette Gift Holiday
I’ve also set out a gift under the Christmas Tree at the Flagship Store. Holiday ONLY Edition Frosted Lashes and Evergreen Eyes. The lashes are fun to play with tinting for different makeup affects.

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Black Friday Uber Pack Sale

Posted in Sale by Carissa Crimson on November 27, 2009

In celebration of Black Friday, I’ve put the entire Mood Natural’s Eye collection on sale for 300L (that’s 114 pairs of eyes!)

Silhouette Mood Naturals Eye Collection

Just look for the Uber Pack Sign! The sale will end at Midnight tonight
Black Friday Pack

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Gift from Silhouette

Posted in Release by Carissa Crimson on November 7, 2009

I’ve been working on these eyes for what seems like forever and I finally got the options sorted. I’m calling them Mood and they come in 3 color intensities with 2 pupil sizes.  “Cloudy” is a pale and a bit washed out, “Sunny” is well..bright and sunny, and “Stormy” is a deeper, darker tone.


All six eyes in Azure are set out at the Silhouette Flagship Location as a gift. The rest of the collection will be released in the next few days.
TP to Silhouette

**Eyes are worn with Silhouette Lashes: Wisp (lush) **

New Shape for Lelutka Eclat

Posted in Release by Carissa Crimson on October 17, 2009

Finally releasing the Svetlana shape after many hours of tweaking and fiddling. I’m happy with how she turned out.

Svetlana Shape

Available at the Silhouette Flagship location.

Lacey and Lucy from the Skin/Shape Expo are also set up now for purchase in store. The vendors for Launa and Laney were lost after the expo ended, and I haven’t had a chance to remake them, but they’ll be coming soon.

❤ Cari

Another Skin/Shape Expo Post

Posted in Release by Carissa Crimson on September 26, 2009

The Expo is in full swing and since it opened last night at midnight I haven’t been able to get in! (well other than a frantic emergency visit at 1AM when someone informed me my demos were mod *facepalms*)

Silhouette is debuting 4 new shapes and offering 1 limited edition shape for the Expo. Each one includes fitted lashes and eyes used in the vendor poster. 50% of the following shapes will be donated to Susan G. Komen Cause for the Cure

Lacey seems to be the most popular shape so far based on the kind feedback I’ve received from bloggers and customers. She’s a lanky lil wisp of a thing with a unique, and pert face.

Lucy is a slim to average body build with a pouty, solemn face. I totally wore this shape for days before I put her out for sale.

Laney has a fuller physique compared to most Silhouette shapes. The girl next door with a sweet face.

Launa was inspired by a customer who insisted I make a shape more “bootilicious”, and she’s also my attempt to spin an ethnic flavor into a unique and beautiful face.

I’m happy to announce another Limited Edition Shape exclusive for the Expo. She will be available for as long as the expo runs and then retired. 75% of the sales will be donated for Lucky

Lucky is probably the most realistic body shape I’ve made to date. Flawed and Beautiful. Definitely the most fun I’ve had working the sliders in a long time.

I hope everyone gets a chance to check out the expo, support the amazing skin and shape designers of SL, and contribute to a worthy cause.

❤ Cari

New Mainstore Opening (and goodies)

Posted in Announcement, Release by Carissa Crimson on August 24, 2009

The new mainstore on the Fusion Crossing sim is now officially opened! I’m quite proud of the build so I’ve been busy filling up the open space.

Lots of new and exciting stuff to share. Firstly, I’m happy that I’ll be sharing store space with my great friend Mitch Wisent and his new male shape collection Homme Fait. I’ve been pestering him for months to just DO IT and well…he did. Mitch shares my passion for creating shapes with unique faces and I’m so excited for him. Here’s a sampling of the super sexah dudes he has to offer.



All Homme Fait shapes can be found upstairs, and are priced at 600L for mod/copy permissions, and you can try before you buy of course.

There are 5 new female shapes downstairs at Silhouette.





The last shape Hillary, will be sold for half price until Friday in honor of the Lily skin that inspired it, being sold in an exclusive “made for Fusion Crossing” edition at Exodi. You can check out that shop across the avenue from Silhouette.


AND….new Eyes and Lashes!!
I’m trying something new with the lashes. Two versions, Wisp and Widow are available in increasingly thicker mascara application from Natural to Full to Lush…

and the Marble Eye Collection…
Silhouette MarbleEyes Poster

Teleport to Silhouette @ Fusion Crossing and be sure to pick up the new gifts…a set of Marble Eyes in Blue and Wisp Natural Lashes.

Silhouette Eyes: Gemstone Collection

Posted in Release by Carissa Crimson on June 12, 2009

Gemstone Eye Collection

I just released the Gemstone Eye Collection at my Silhouette Mainstore Location.
Only $300L for all 10 eye colors.

TP to Silhouette Mainstore